BuzzMutt: (n). Loyal, hard-working company with a mix of skills that help make your business better.

Sound familiar? Much like man’s best friend, BuzzMutt has a medley of offerings (hence, Mutt) that can aid your business in everything from branding to content creation to social media management.


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The powers that be behind BuzzMutt bring a lot to the proverbial table. Several years of content writing experience, years of direct resume and cover letter assistance, countless blogs, custom designs, and a few cool websites to boot.

BuzzMutt set out with a simple mission- be as awesome as our dogs think we are. They see us as leaders, so we want to lead the marketing revolution. They see us as providers, so we want to provide the best possible service. They see us as magnanimous, so we want to give back to our community as much as possible. They see us as intelligent, so we’re constantly learning the new trends of the industry to ensure that we provide services that are consistently effective and relevant.


Check out our services- from branding to content to design, BuzzMutt is your full-service solution.


Whether you’re looking for web content, blog posts, a script, or canned messages- BuzzMutt has you covered.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr – you name it, BuzzMutt will handle it. Services include Social Media Management as well as content creation and curation.

Restaurant Promotion

Promote your restaurant or food product by leveraging the social foodie community. From organizing hosted meet-ups to sponsorships, promotions, and giveaways, BuzzMutt will make sure that your food is getting the exposure that it deserves.

Resumes & Cover Letters

Getting into college or getting a job are hard enough without having to worry about editing your entrance documents. Let BuzzMutt ensure that your resumes, cover letters, personal statements and entrance essays shine.

Proofreading & Editing

Already have content? BuzzMutt offers proofreading and editing to ensure that your content is clean, engaging, and SEO-friendly.


Brand ideation, creation, and activation. From naming to copy to design, BuzzMutt offers full service branding that’s as affordable as it is effective.


Unique logos, custom graphics, and fully customizable, responsive websites via WordPress.

Good Boy.

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